Month: January 2023

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In this blog, You will be learning How you can export pandas dataframe to excel (How to save pandas dataframe data into excel). In order to do this exercise, You would need two modules Pandas, and Openpyxl. You can easily install them using the pip install command Program to export pandas dataframe in Excel Firstly, […]

Data Analysis with Python – Weather Dataset

In this tutorial, You will learn about Data Analysis project End to End using Pandas. If you don’t know Pandas yet then I would suggest learning the basics of Pandas and Python, then start creating this project.You can get the dataset from me Github Repository Weather Dataset Important concept of Pandas Questions to be solved […]

How to read and write CSV file in PySpark using Databricks

Geeks, In this tutorial You will be learning how data stored in a CSV file is being read in PySpark. Moreover, You will also learn how multiple CSV files can be read and write into the location or table. Note: PySpark supports reading a CSV file with a pipe, comma, tab, space, or any other […]

Table Batch Reads and Writes

In this Tutorial, I will be going through the explanation of how data is being read and written into delta lake. Moreover, I will be also teaching other operations of the table read and write like PartitionBy, etc. Create a table Delta Lake supports creating two types of tablesโ€”tables defined in the metastore(Managed Table) and […]

What is Delta Lake?

Delta Lake is an open-source project that enables building a Lakehouse architecture on top of data lakes. Delta Lake provides ACID transactions, scalable metadata handling, and unifies streaming and batch data processing on top of existing data lakes, such as S3, ADLS Gen1, ADLS Gen2 GCS, and HDFS. Features of Delta Lake ACID Transaction: Readers will never encounter inconsistent data due to the serializable isolation levels feature. […]

How to avoid Multiple if-else conditions in Python

In Python, we use the if else condition blocks to write code in Python, sometimes we have to write multiple if else conditions, and hence code looks confusing and difficult to understand. Let’s take below an example of the if-else program by writing a simple calculator program. The output is 30. Now, we will try […]

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