Data Storage – Database, Data Lake & Data Warehouse

As we all know, Data is the backbone of any system. This data in the form of bits need to be stored for required processing in real-time or needs a basis What is Data Storage? Data storage is the recording & storing of data/information in a storage medium. Data storage could be in the form […]

How to map other columns of the dataframe in PySpark using Databricks

In this blog, You will learn how to map other columns of the dataframe in PySpark. Let’s understand the data first. You can see the ID, Name, and Age columns here. Now, the requirement is to create another column that will have the mapping of Name and Age columns (i.e {Name->’Sagar’, Age->25}). Let’s understand how […]


In this blog, you will learn about the music store data analysis project. If you are a beginner or have some basic knowledge of Data Analysis then this is gonna be a very exciting project for you. Let’s understand the questions first. Questions to be solved Who is the senior most employee based on job […]

How to find out Latest Folder in ADLS in Databricks

In this blog, You will learn how to find out the latest folder from the file path in the databricks. Here the file source could be anything like ADLS Gen2, GEN1, Blob Storage, DBFS, and S3 bucket. Assuming, data stored in the source file path is saved in date partitioned. And now, you need to […]

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